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Todmorden Aeronautical Space Administration

The Todmorden Aeronautical Space Administration (TASA) is a division of Robots and Cake, created to send a payload into a high enough orbit to be able to see the curvature of the Earth, transport this quadriplegics consciousness into orbit and then return the payload back to its launch site. Like SpaceX, but with fewer billionaires and no rockets.

We’re all volunteers and are open to help from any organisation, business or person who thinks they might be able to help with The Mission. Whether that help comes in the form of electronics, good wishes or practical advice about laminar airflow over aerodynamically unstable surfaces; it’s all good with us! You can see The Plan in detail, and the equipment we think we might need.

Get in touch on the Comms page, and one of the Crew will get back to you ASAP.