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Crew Card

Mission Specialist Administrator
Mission Specialist Admin, responsible for wrangling the other Mission Specialist.

LuckyDog moved to Todmorden about 5 years ago and really enjoys the great people and places around here. It’s a place that buzzes with a can-do creative atmosphere!

Her interests have involved several Raspberry Pi projects, and they’ve sparked an interest in the crazy amount of things you can make with them. She admits she once thought she was entering a closed “geek world” that you needed to have expert knowledge to participate in; but it’s really a welcoming and thriving community full of people willing to help you learn new skills and develop your ideas into awesome things. She couldn’t be happier.

She is particularly looking forward to some of the complexities that this project is going to bring. What at first looks simple really isn’t, as returning a payload back to its launch point is really quite difficult. But she is totally relishing the challenge!