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Parts and Pieces

This is a list of the materials we think we will need to accomplish our mission, this is a quick list and not in any way exhaustive because we are not engineers, astronauts or project managers so if you see something missing please do let us know. Equally if you see something that looks like it’s going to make the whole thing esplode, it would be nice to know that that too. Thanks! You can reach us on the Comms Page.

Major Phases with Brief Subsections

  1. Building and Testing
  2. Launching
    • Lifting vehicle
      • Probably weather balloons but that’s just a first guess
        • We could potentially fly a drone to the right height, either a winged or rotary wing drone
        • We could use an Aerostat and control the ascent through different mixtures of gases within the Aerostats envelope
        • Hot air. This is the one I have the largest supply of
    • Some way of tethering the lifting vehicle to the payload
    • Possibly Helium or another light gas if we decide to use a balloon
  3. Ascending
    • Appropriate equipment for video and data telemetry
      • No idea whether this is a radio link, microwave, Internet or something we haven’t thought of.
  4. Loitering
    • Dual GoPro cameras for 3-D vision
    • Small high-quality camera pointing straight back at the ground, to collect pictures of Todmorden
    • Potentially other senses to collect other information
      • This could be things like LIDAR, lasers and sonar to more thoroughly map Todmorden. This will be dependent upon weight I would imagine and is in no way a definitive list.
  5. Returning
    • Autopilot for a commercial drone
    • A method for not slamming into the ground, as this could include:
      • Parachute
      • Parafoil
      • Wings
      • Rotary wings
      • Some other method to stop the payload smashing into the ground. This bit is important.