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Mission Brigantia One

Mission Brigantia One

Mission Brigantia One One has four main aims:

  • To take high-resolution pictures and other data from above Todmorden and upload them to the Open StreetMap project
  • To see the curvature of the Earth in 3-D using a pair of GoPro cameras in real time
  • To use the 3-D vision, plus binaural sound recording 1 to transport the consciousness of this quadriplegic from the wheelchair and into space!
  • When the first three tasks have been completed, the payload will be returned to its launch site and land on a small red velvet cushion positioned next to my wheelchair.

If Elon Musk can do it, so can we!

To make this a fair fight with Mr Musk we are going to set some limits on project costs, scope and manpower. As it stands he has billions of dollars, the best rocket scientists in the world and, you know, rockets and stuff. Whereas TASA has one quadriplegic (me), the former mayor of Todmorden and my 10-year-old niece (who has a labcoat. Obviously, because Space) amongst our crack team.

The Rules

  1. The whole mission has to be accomplished within 60 days of the launch of this website.
  2. You have to use as little to no money as is possible, raiding your own and others’ spare electronics drawers is permitted under rule 14b. No sneakily using rockets.
  3. The payload must return back to where it was launched from with at least one picture of Todmorden, including non-fisheye lens video of the curvature of the Earth.
  4. Finally, unless you have a quadriplegic member of staff at SpaceX I’m afraid you’re going to need to draw straws to see who gets pushed in front of the bus to make the teams more even. Harsh but fair I think.