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"The Plan"

This is “The Plan” for the Brigantia One Mission as it stands today. This is a living document which will be updated at least once a week if not moreso, if you see something that would help please let us know. Equally do let us know if we’re making a mistake that could cause mission failure. This is our 25,000 foot view as it were. You can reach us on the Comms Page.

Major Phases with Brief Subsections

  1. Building and Testing
    • Decide on payload contents
      • what’s going in the payload, things like cameras, GPS, parachute, motors etc.
    • Payload shapes
      • We will need to test a range of payload shapes for aerodynamics stability and strength amongst other properties.
    • Drop testing
      • Using a drone to take the payload up to 400 feet to do some drop testing from lower altitudes to make sure parachutes open etc
  2. Launching
    • Where and when can/should we launch
      • What kind of weather conditions, bureaucracy and terrain is best for launching the payload.
  3. Ascending
    • Make sure the payload goes up towards the sky. This may be one of the most crucial aspects of the mission.
      • It would be nice to have live video constantly.
  4. Loitering
    • This is where we hang around in space for a few minutes taking pictures and 3-D video.
      • Completely unsure of the feasibility of this, but some ability to manoeuvre the payload during this phase would be great.
  5. Returning
    • Bring the payload back from space to where it was launched from
      • Another crucial phase of the mission, and the one that puts in direct competition with Elon Musk and SpaceX.
    • We will need an autopilot to help guide the payload home
    • A Parachute.
      • Didn’t think this would be a contentious point, but apparently we could have a parachute, parafoil, ParaSail and then there are about 14 million different shapes of parachutes to choose from. Great stuff.